Portfolio – Photos

Portfolio - pictures by Guillaume Broust - Photo portrait ©Philippe Ribiere

Photography differs in so many ways from making films. Beyond simply having a good eye, specific methods and tools are necessary, especially when the lighting gets complicated. Using remote flashes, a second curtain sync flash or managing filters… The skill and expertise required motivates me to work with extra professional photographers during my film shoots. Even though all of us now use hybrid cameras that let you record video and take photos at the same time, I’ve come to realize that these are two different skills sets, two different professions. That written, after spending the last ten years dragging my reflex camera and lenses all around the world, I have managed to press on the shutter button once or twice when the lighting was just right!

This is just a short selection of my work as a photographer.
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Magazine publications – Prints

Most of my projects with athletes over the past few years, especially trips and expeditions, have offered me the opportunity to be published in a variety of magazines and international publications.

This includes climbing magazines, in large part thanks to Swissway to Heaven (Grimper, Vertical, 30°, Desnivel, Montagnes Magazine etc.), as well as paragliding magazines thanks to the Frequent Flyers Project (Aerial, Cross Country Magazine etc.).

I have also been lucky enough to have my work appear in Ozone’s end of the year calendar and Cliffhanger, a great photo book about climbing.