Swissway to Heaven – Cédric Lachat (Full movie)

CREW: Guillaume Broust (Producer・Director)
Marc Daviet・Mathis Dumas・5Elts Prod (Camera Work)
CLIMBERS: Cédric Lachat・Nina Caprez・Fabien Dugit・Tobias Suter・Roger Schaeli・Beat Kammerlander・Claude Remy・Stephan Siegrist
Swissway to Heaven - the film - Official Poster

WoGü – The making-of

This 40-minute documentary shows the behind-the-scenes filming we did in the Spring of 2020 in the Rätikon mountain range. For my first appearance on screen, I’ll be explaining, along with my video crew, the different aspects of making a film up on the wall. It was an epic shoot and the result was an extraordinary climbing achievement. Here’s a look back at those few days spent in Switzerland in the Canton of Grisons.

Swissway to Heaven is documentary film about multi-pitch climbing that showcases the breathtaking mountain ranges and natural beauty of a truly extraordinary country. The amazing footage will take you through the history, ethics, and evolution of climbing in Switzerland.

Cedric Lachat and his climbing partners (Nina Caprez, Tobias Suter, Mélissa Le Nevé, and Fabien Dugit) captured on film their painstaking efforts to climb the most difficult routes on five of Switzerland’s legendary big walls. The film features also climbing legends and pioneers such as Beat Kammerlander, Claude Remy, Stephan Siegrist and Roger Schaeli.

Climbing outtakes

Here are the full sends of all the routes of Swissway to Heaven, uncut, raw  and without music. This request is often made by climbers to watch, clean and pure climbing sections, without any editing. Absolutely non-watchable for anyone who is not climbing addict!


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The film Swissway to Heaven was screened at all the international film festivals between June 2021 and March 2022. Here is the list of the film festivals

Banff World Tour - Official Selection

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