Petzl Rope Trip USA

+200K views・10mn・2016
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
MindFrame Cinema (Camera Work)
LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
Dziahn – “Valse Intemporelle”
Mandarine – “Ambient”
Ada & the fish trees – “Is he wrong?”
NoxSound – “Beats”
eKoman – “On Top”
Igor Petiovitch – “Slow and Down”
Igor Petiovitch – “Indonesian Sunset”
For 4 days, 31 teams of rope workers from 17 countries gathered in Salt Lake City to share their experiences and put their rope skills to the test. The 2016 edition proved that the technical level of the competitors has improved tremendously. Most of the rope workers succeeded in mastering numerous complex technical situations: passing intermediate anchors, tricky work positioning, 3D triangulation, partner rescue using a hauling system… All of these tasks were extremely varied but always similar to situations these workers could potentially face on real worksites: bridges, cliffs, buildings…

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