Makatea Vertical Adventure – Climbing in Polynesia

CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・DoP・Editor)
Maewan (Producer)
CLIMBERS: Nina Caprez – Charlotte Durif – Marcos Costa – Aymeric Clouet – Jonathan Siegrist – Solenne Piret – Michael Schreiber – Joseph Grierson – Olivier Testa – Bernd Schlogl
SOUNDTRACK: LinkRustZikali
Makatea Vertical Adventure - Poster @Jérémy Bernard

Makatea is a small idyllic tropical island, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Vast limestone cliffs of the highest quality shoot 100-meter into the air along the coastline of this coral atoll. Fantastic rock for climbing, with coconut trees and a turquoise-blue lagoon for an amazing backdrop… Paradise on Earth you say? Well… if only it were that simple.

Rock climbing VS Phosphate

In the XX° century, Makatea became an important center of phosphate extraction, propelling the island into a mining and marine industry era. The population of Makatea increased from about 30 inhabitants to about 3000 in 1962. But on October 20th. 1966, all the mining sites closed abruptly. The island becomes almost deserted and the infrastructures take on the appearance of a ghost town.

The “Makatea Vertical Adventure” Project

When the sailboat Maewan IV reached Makatea in 2018, its captain Erwan LeLann discussed with Tapu and local stakeholders about the possibility of bolting the cliffs for climbing. An outdoor sport like climbing could prove to be the gateway to an eco-tourism based economy for the island, preserving its biodiversity and creating a sustainable activity for locals. The project Makatea Vertical Adventure was born!

Makatea Film – Original Soundtrack

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Film festivals – Official selection

  • BANFF Mountain Film Festival (Canada)
  • ShAFF Adventure Film Festival (England)
  • GRAZ Mountainfilm (Austria)
  • TRENTO Film Festival (Italy)
  • FIFAV La Rochelle (France)
  • TORELLO – Festival de Cinema de Muntanya (Spain)
  • VIMFF Fall Series – Vancouver (Canada)
  • VIMFF World Tour
  • Natural Games Millau (France)
  • Rencontres Ciné Montagne Grenoble (France)
  • HORSKY Film Poprad (Slovaquie)
  • UMFF – Ulju Mountain Film Festival (Korea)
  • MOC GOR – Mountain Spirit Festival (Poland)
  • NZ Mountain Film Fest (New Zeland)