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Harnais escalade Petzl SITTA

+110K views・3mn・2015
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
Bertrand Delapierre (Cameraman)
Thomas Vialletet (Cameraman)
CAST: Hee Yong Park・Ueli Steck・Mickaël Fuselier・Nina Caprez・Mathieu Maynadier・Hannarai Song・Fred Degoulet・Ben Brochard・Jonathan Joly・Charlotte Barré・Jérôme Para・Arnaud Petit・Emilien Allan
MUSIC: LinkRust
NoX Sound
Aneeway Jones

SITTA is the Petzl high-end climbing and mountaineering harness

Designed for intensive use in climbing and mountaineering, the high-end SITTA harness is compact, lightweight and exceptionally comfortable. The WIREFRAME construction offers an extremely thin and flexible waistbelt that ensures total freedom of movement. The four equipment loops optimize the organization of all the gear required for progression on ice or rock. The tie-in points are made of high-modulus polyethylene for improved resistance to rope friction and for greater durability of the harness.