Ueli steck & Mathieu Maynadier climbing

“North Couloir Direct” (VI, A1, 6+, M8) on Les Drus


+1.6 M views・3 min・2016
CAST: Ueli Steck・Mathieu Maynadier・Jérôme Para
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Second camera unit・Editor)
Bertrand Delapierre (Main camera unit)
LOCATION: Les Drus – Chamonix

In memory of Ueli…
Winter 2015, Ueli Steck, Mathieu Maynadier, and Jérôme Para climb “North Couloir Direct” (VI, Al 6+, M8, 800m) on Les Drus.

When on location on “Les Drus” Spire in Chamonix, with Bertrand Delapierre behind the camera, you are guaranteed to get a lot of amazing alpine climbing footage!


Check out the complete topo for the route.