I’m posting a few pictures from a photo shoot I organized for the Isère Department (a department in France is like a county in the USA), in the Northern French Alps, for their new promotional campaign on climbing and outdoor sports. For liability reasons, once the FFME (French Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) decided to stop officially maintaining outdoor climbing areas, the Isère Department took matters into its own hand and renegotiated the contracts with site managers for most of major climbing areas in the region.

Photo Escalade en Isère - St-Pancrasse ©Guillaume Broust

Luisset Crag (in St-Pancrasse) and St-Egrève now have contracts with the Department; a wonderful initiative that deserves a lot of credit. As part of the new promotional campaign for outdoor sports, I was hired to produce photo content for the wide variety communications materials Isère uses (web, print, mobile phone applications, billboards, etc.).

Climbing photos

The shoot took two days, and brought me back to the cliffs of my childhood. It was fun looking at them through a photographer’s lens, seeing the rock in a different light, while alongside my now loyal partner in vertical crime, Cédric Lachat.

The promotional campaign will start in 2022, and be broadcast throughout the entire Isère Department. In the meantime, here are a few photos that missed the cut, but are more than well worth the look!