The MicheLa Guide web series

+100K views・4 min・2019
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
Tony Lamiche (Actor・Camera Work)
CAST: Tony Lamiche・Alexi Godbout・Jules Mandin・Timy Théaux・Fabien Maierhofer・Victor Galuchot・Enak Gavaggio・Gaëtan Gaudissard・Aurélien Ducroz・Liv Sansoz・Giulia Monego・Josh Daiek・Stan Rey・Mathieu Maynadier・Romain Raisson・Xavier DeleRue・Kilian Jornet

The MicheLa Guide is a web series, co-produced with Tony Lamiche, to build greater awareness among climbers and skiers about the inherent risks of recreating in the mountains.

The MicheLa Guide is an avatar used to express several points of view to answer our most basic and important questions about mountain sports. It serves to foster debate, discussion, and trying to better understand our behavior and decision-making processes in the great outdoors.

The MicheLa Guide is a new participatory discussion concept broadcast in 3 steps. The first step is the question asked by the MicheLa Guide, the second is the discussion in Live format with experts. The third and final step is the collective answer, generated by using the discussion as a tool.

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Follow the entire season of the MicheLa Guide on its YouTube channel.