Red Bull Vertigo 2004 – Acro paragliding

CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
Marion Rey (Camera Work)
Adrien Palandre (Camera Work)
Jean Luc Donnet (Camera Work)
Alain Zoller (Organization)
Pascal Poullain (Organization)
CAST: Raul Rodriguez・Felix Rodriguez・Horacio Llorens・Hernan Pitocco・Mathias Roten・Antoine Montant・Yann Floury・Antoine Boisselier・The Renegades・The Blues Team
MUSIC: Club des Dioux

The Red Bull Vertigo is a legendary acro paragliding and hanggliding competition that took place every year from 2000 to 2005 in Villeneuve, Switzerland.

This 2004 edition features the best acro paragliding pilots of the decade: Raul & Felix Rodriguez, Horacio Llorens, Hernan Pitocco, Mathias Roten, Antoine Montant, Yann Floury, Antoine Boisselier, the Renegades, and the Blues Team to name a few. This footage has never before been posted on the internet, since it was made in 2004 (before YouTube existed!…)

Even though I digitally remastered the entire film, please cut me a little slack on the resolution, camera angles, and editing… I hope you’ll enjoy it!

🙏 Special thanks to Alain Zoller, Pascal Poullain, Red Bull, and the Association Vertigo Villeneuve CH.