Petzl RocTrip Macedonia 2014

+190K views・11 min・2014
Guillaume Broust (Cinematographer・Co-Director)
Rémi Steinberg (Co-Director・Editor)
Mylene Routin (Co-Director・Editor)
Julien Nadiras (Cameraman)
Guillaume Vallot (Photographer)
Laurent Lafouche (Photographer)
Sam Bié (Photographer)
CAST: Philippe Ribière – Gérôme Pouvreau – Michaël Fuselier – Sachi Amma – Akiyo Noguchi – Mumin Karabas – Nina Caprez – Klemen Becan – Cédric Lachat – Mélissa Le Névé – David Firnenburg, and more!
MUSIC: Zikali “Ambiant New-York”
Mr Igor Petiovitch “In a gypsy mood”
LinkRust “Little Buddha pest”
LinkRust “Fanfar Choukar”
LinkRust  “Swingest way to the top”
LinkRust  “Rosa Nostra”
LinkRust  “No step back”
Degiheugi “Rise Up”
Otto Herman “Face Kick Rock’n’Roll”

The 2014 Petzl RocTrip caravan stopped over in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia. Between dark clouds and sunny skies, RocTrippers were granted a rare and privileged experience, being some of the first to sample one of the most beautiful bouldering areas in all of Europe.

Prilep is located in southern Macedonia, is the country’s largest climbing area, and is best known for its high quality bouldering.  The bouldering has started to attract climbers from all over Europe.

Overlooking the town of Prilep is a chaotic and huge granite boulder field where over 400 problems have been established, with the potential to develop hundreds more. The style of bouldering found at Prilep is predominately crimpy with an emphasis on finger strength, though there are jugs, cracks, and huecos as well.

The Prilep Bouldering Guidebook includes over 400 boulder problems across a wide range of grades from Font 5 to Font 8a+. All boulder problems are shown in color photo topos along with boulder maps at the start of each section. Published in March 2015, this guidebook is in English and Macedonian.