EAZY3 – the new paraglider by AirDesign

Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
Nicolas Cochet (Executive Producer)
Gaby Thillard (Air Alpin)・Gilles Silberzahn (Prevol)・Jérôme Vilquin・Anne Budillon・Christophe Gasser
Hugo Lami・Claire Jomard・Quentin Missault・Benjamin Lévêque

Here’s a look at the ad campaign for the new beginner wing by Airdesign Gliders. The idea was to highlight these kinds of moments that are so unique to paragliding, when you witness a take off that is beyond borderline… All you can do is hold your breath and watch!

Most of the images were filmed at the Scia paragliding site (Chartreuse), a great spot for flying in the summer when the conditions are too calm elsewhere. Fasten your seatbelt and #welcomeaboard!

The EAZY 3 is the perfect glider for beginner pilots coming straight off a course. Make maximum progress while you’re playing with the birds in the sky!