Ozone Paragliders – Choose your Passion

+130K views・14 min・2004
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
Ozone Paragliders (Producer)
Antoine Boisselier (Pilot・Cameraman)
Clotilde Tourniaire (Make-up)
PILOTS: Jimmy Hall・Jérôme Canaud・Matt Gerdes・David Dagault・Bertrand Chatain・Russel Ogden・Cyril Tripier・Robbie Withall・The Renegades・Ralf Reiter・Felix Wolk・Herminio Cordido・Denis Verchere・Lionel Baudrier・Mike Kung・Jorge Atramiz・Lionel Llang

Ozone promotional video clip in 2004. The producing/editing process took over six months.

Choose your passion!

What do you wanna do? XC-flying? Acro flying? Soaring? Thermaling with friends? Base-jumping? All of the above?…

I produced this movie in 2004, using a lot of footage from the Ozone Pilots Team. Most of the sequences were shot in St-Vincent les Forts (France), El Yelmo (Spain), Wadirum (Jordan), and Villeneuve (Switzerland).

I created and wrote the story of having to choose between funny stuff (going to your dentist, or watching a soccer game on tv…). We shot all the fiction sequences with my roommates at the legendary “Club des Dioux”.

And you? What do you wanna do?



  • Best Short Film Award (Wanaka Mountain Film Festival – 2005 – NZ)
Best Prize – Sport  (Horsky Film Poprad – 2005 – Slovaquie)