NAVALAMECA 70’s – Bouldering in Spain

+100,000 views・19 min・2007
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Editor・DoP)
Julien Nadiras (Camera Work)
Stephan Denys (Photography)
Laurent Lafouche (Production Manager)
CAST: Mike Fuselier・Tony Lamiche・Maud Ansade・Stef Julien・Jerôme Meyer・Amelie Delfino・Philipe Ribiere・Sam Beaugey・François Lombard & more
SOUNDTRACK: LinkRust・eKoman・Club des Dioux

When fifteen climbers looking for adventure cross paths with a strange guru from another time and place, no one knows what’s going to happen… But strange potions always have a way of changing how you see things. Follow in the trials and tribulations of this intrepid group of climbers, catapulted against their will by a Machiavellian DJ into a funky remix that no one could possibly foresee.

This film made an impact on an entire generation of climbers! The NAVALAMECA 70s project is pure fiction, where athletes from Team Petzl transform into climbers from the sixties and climb the hardest boulder problems in Navalosa (Spain) wearing first generation EB climbing shoes…


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