The Sounds of Water (Les Chants de l’Eau)

52 min・2019
CREW: Perrine & Guillaume Broust (Producers)
Guillaume Broust (Director・Camera・Editor)
Perrine Broust (Director・Camera)
Lucile Desruelles (Voice over)
Rémi Steinberg (Visual Effects)
MédéO Productions (Authoring)


LinkRust・Zikali・Vlad Cellier



“The Sounds of Water” is a documentary film that explores the different roles water plays and the different ways water is used in communities throughout the world. The status of water and how it is perceived changes from one culture to another based on history, traditions, beliefs, and scarcity. During a trip around the world to meet with local populations everywhere, Perrine and Guillaume Broust explore every aspect of water: its use, its benefits, the suffering it causes, its legends, its history, its risks, and the everlasting hope it can provide… Calling upon the skills of independent interpreters, they discuss these topics in-depth during interviews with local populations.

The couple traveled for 11 months through 10 different countries, and conducted over 80 interviews in 9 languages. They then spent 2 years editing footage and 5 years overall to produce this amazing, self-financed 52-minute documentary on their own. Through “The Sounds of Water,” Perrine and Guillaume seek to build greater awareness about our relationship with water, to encourage viewers to think about how to treat and use this essential resource. This open-minded, uplifting film does not moralize or judge and offers people from all over the world the chance to tell their story.

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Original Soundtrack

The documentary’s original soundtrack was composed and produced by Zikali & LinkRust. Most of the music was composed specifically to fit the footage. You can listen to the entire soundtrack here under.