La Grave Ski Patrol

+250K views・12 min・2011
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Cameraman・Editor)
Antoine Boisselier (Camera Work)
Sylvain Berry (Camera Work)
CAST: J.C Bonsignore・Jérôme Gillet・Pascal Guiboud
MUSIC: eKoman・Mandarine・Degiheugi

The wild mountain terrain beneath the Meije and down to La Grave is unique in the world.
Up high, a small ski lift serves a single run on the glacier. Aside from that, you can’t really call it a ski area…

Yet there are an infinite number of lines to ski, all out of bounds. Lift served or after a short tour, ski the amazing glaciers, open bowls, couloirs, and forest runs, all over 2000 vertical meters from top to bottom. Here, beyond the only marked trail, there is no “ski patrol” in the tradition sense of the word, no avy control, no trail signs or markers, and no safety nets. You are on your own. Skiers accept full responsibility. As far as we know, La Grave is truly unique, an area to ski but definitely not a ski area, one of a kind.

“We are four patrollers employed by the town. Our role is to keep an eye on the overall safety situation for the area, to play more of a prevention role for skiers and boarders, and an advisory role for the town when it comes to the opening or closing of the lift.”

— JC Bonsignore, Ski Patroller

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