Azazel – Big wall climbing in Pakistan

+390K views・22 min・2007
CLIMBERS: Martial Dumas
Jean-Yves “Blutch” Fredriksen
Sam Beaugey
Yann Mimet
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Director・Editor)
eKoman (Soundtrack)
Club des Dioux (Soundtrack)
Sovisco (Soundtrack)
Magikistan - Affiche officielle

Azazel is the story of four friends who go to Pakistan to put up a new route on the Trango Pulpit, a 6000m peak.

They spent 20 days on the wall and Sam Beaugey did the first BASE jump from the summit. They mostly aid-climbed, and the climbers took their own footage.

Guillaume edited the movie and put together this great story about friendship. The film won several film festival awards, including the 2008 Banff World Tour.


Film Festival Awards

  • Grand Prix Adventura – Meilleure production FIFAM (2007 – Canada)
  • Cairn d’Azur – Festival du Film Montagne et Exploration (2008 – Saulxures lès Nancy)
  • Best Film – Rock category (
Hory a Mesto Festival – 2009 – Bratislava, Slovaquie)
  • Banff World Tour (2008)
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival Finalist (Canada – 2008)