The most ecological way to heliski – Paragliding!! 🚁🌤️

+90K views・3 min・2019
CREW: Guillaume Broust (Pilot・Cameraman・Editor)
Antoine Boisselier (Pilot・Cameraman)
Nicolas Plain (Pilot・Cameraman)
MUSIC: Torelli & the Fuse
“Forgive and Remember”

In spring, there are those incredible days where you have to choose between speed riding, paragliding, or skiing… Antoine Boisselier, Nicolas Plain, and I  decided to put everything together in one afternoon. We call it COMBO, the most ecological way to heliski!

We took off from Saint-Hilaire, France (1000m), with skis on our feet and a speed riding wing on our backs. With the spring conditions, we ascended to the top of the Dent de Crolles (2000m) within 30 min. We then glided towards Granier Peak, climbing to 2800m before crossing Gresivaudan Valley towards the Belledonne Range. We flew to the Les 7 Laux ski area to gain altitude to reach our landing zone: the wild summit of Grand Replomb Peak (2510m).

We folded up our gliders, took out our speed riding wings, and did a huge run in the backcountry. Fantastic speed riding but a bit dicey, a little leeward, and with an 10kg on our backs! We then took off  paragliding from the bottom of the mountain (800 vertical meters below), and 10 minutes later we were back on the summit! This time we packed our gliders and skied down the southwest face with four-star spring snow conditions!

We then took off for the 3rd time, at 17:30, catching take a thermal that brought us back to 2800m by 18:00 to witness an incredible sunset over the Belledonne Range. We maneuverd back home after a long transition over Gresivaudan Valley, and enjoyed a perfect landing in St-Hilaire du Touvet.

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