The Sounds of Water

Affiche officielle du film documentaire "Les Chants de l'Eau"

This 52-minute documentary film explores the different roles water plays and the different ways water is perceived in communities throughout the world

During a yearlong trip around the world, meeting with local populations in big cities and remote villages, Perrine & Guillaume Broust embarked on a journey to learn more about people’s relationship with water, producing the documentary film, The Sounds of Water ("Les Chants de l'Eau").

How is water perceived and used? What are its benefits and risks? What legends are told about water? What is its history? All of these topics are covered through interviews with fishermen, farmers, free divers, ministers, researchers... This documentary expands the ways we think about and use water.

Les Chants de l'Eau - Watch the movie
Les Chants de l'Eau - Film Documentaire - Behind the Scenes - The floating village - Cambodia
Les Chants de l'Eau - Film Documentaire - Behind the Scenes - Interview in Himba's village, Namibia
Les Chants de l'Eau - Film Documentaire - Behind the Scenes - Interview in Namibia
Les Chants de l'Eau - Film Documentaire - Behind the Scenes - Shooting in Victoria's Falls, Zimbabwe


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